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[[Category:TOS Novels]]

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Deep Domain
Series Star Trek: The Original Series
Number 33
Author Howard Weinstein
Published April 1987
Format Novel
Pages 275
ISBN 0671633295
Year 2278
Stardate 7823.6


From the back cover: A routine diplomatic mission to the water-world Akkalla becomes a nightmarish search for a missing Spock and Chekov, a search that plunges Admiral Kirk headlong into a corrupt government's desperate struggle to retain power.

For both a Federation Science outpost and Akkalla's valiant freedom fighters have begun uncovering the ancient secrets hidden beneath her tranquil oceans. Secrets whose exposure may mean civil war for the people of Akkalla - and death for the crew of the Enterprise.


Star Trek: The Original Series
Previous Novel:
Chain of Attack
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Dreams of the Raven


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