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Deep Space 253 was a 31st century Federation space station, a remote deep space station operated by Starfleet in the 3180s decade.

Service history[]

A station of this designation remained active after the Burn in the year 3069.

Around 3089, Deep Space 253 began trading with the Emerald Chain on the basis of capitalism.

In 3102, Federation Headquarters revisited DS253 for the last time.

In 3189, Deep Space 253 became a point in high-level negotiations between Fleet Admiral Charles Vance and Minister Osyraa of the Emerald Chain. In the armistice treaty, Osyraa negotiated for the Federation to sanction trade between DS253 and the Emerald Chain, and to allow the mercantile to establish an embassy on the deep space station.

Ultimately, the negotiations fell through because Osyraa was unable to submit herself to justice for crimes Starfleet had evidence of. (DSC episode: "There Is A Tide...")



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