Deep Space Station S-8 was a Federation space station, a K class outpost in civilian service in the 2270s decade. Its commanding officer was George Tilton. S-8 was located near the infamous, impassable Antares maelstrom. (TOS novel: The Antares Maelstrom)

History and specificationsEdit

S-8 was established in the 2260s and put under civilian control. The station lacked any Starfleet contingent and was quiet and out of the way. This changed when the independent colony Baldur III reported the discovery of rich pergium veins in 2270, heralding a gold rush in the region. Dealing with the massive influx of miners and claim stakers overwhelmed the capacity for logistical support at S-8. A Constitution-class heavy cruiser dispatched to Baldur III by Starfleet, the USS Enterprise, stopped at Deep Space Station S-8 to lend support. Captain James T. Kirk met with Tilton and left his security chief, Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu there in charge of a small team to help out. This included medical officer Doctor Jabilo M'Benga. Their mission was to pacify the station visitors and keep hotheads from attempts to traverse the deadly Antares maelstrom.

Sulu discovered that the base's commander had been exposed to a neural neutraliser by an unscrupulous merchant, the exiled Troyian Naylis, who accepted payments to sabotage space captains' rivals. Sulu was able to break free of Naylis' brainwashing and stop the criminal.

During the chaos, Lucky Strike, the ship on which Sulu's old flame Helena Savalas was a crewmember, ended up heading into the Antares maelstrom, which no ship had ever crossed, having been sold a fake safe route by Naylis. Sulu's pursuit ended with the loss of his own spacecraft, but Savalas beamed him aboard the Lucky Strike in time. The crew made contact with the maelstrom's native inhabitants while their ship was breaking down. Following the resolution of a crisis at Baldur III, the Enterprise rushed back to the maelstrom to recover the Lucky Strike personnel and passengers before their ship disintegrated. The Enterprise returned them to the station, and Baldur III prepared to apply for Federation membership to deal with their new livelihood. (TOS novel: The Antares Maelstrom)



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