Del'Chan was a 23rd century Makon man. He was a government official on the planet Makon III who served as vice president of operations of the Makon City-States.


Del'Chan was an elitist and one of President Wan'Brek's chief advisors.

In 2268, after his nation-state's first warp flight drew the attention of the starship USS Enterprise, Del'Chan attended an evening meal with a Federation delegation along with Wan'Brek and Dol'Rum. He asked Captain James T. Kirk if they would be able to visit the Enterprise. He was stunned when Kirk's next step would be to meet with other world leaders, suspicious that Kirk knew of the Mols, an enemy nation-state. Del'Chan was outraged at the notion Montgomery Scott could be third in command of the Enterprise, because in Del'Chan's society engineers were second-class citizens.

When a guard reported that a Makon thinker had beamed up with Kirk, Del'Chan concluded that Kirk was untrustworthy and may have allied with their enemies. (TOS - Star Trek: The Manga - Uchu comic: "Inalienable Rights")



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