Del Rey Books is an imprint of Ballantine Books, established in 1977 and specializing in science fiction and fantasy books.

In 2006, as part of Star Trek's 40th Anniversary celebration, Del Rey reprinted a number of Star Trek books originally published by Ballantine in the 1970s:

Del Rey Star Trek BooksEdit

Title Author Image
Star Fleet Technical Manual Franz Joseph Technical Manual
Star Trek Logs One and Two Alan Dean Foster Logs 1 and 2
Star Trek Logs Three and Four Alan Dean Foster Logs 3 and 4
Star Trek Logs Five and Six Alan Dean Foster Logs 5 and 6
Star Trek Logs Seven and Eight Alan Dean Foster Logs 7 and 8
Star Trek Logs Nine and Ten Alan Dean Foster Logs 9 and 10

Each of the Star Trek Logs omnibuses contains a new introduction by Alan Dean Foster.

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