Deltan insignia

Emblem of the Deltans.

Delta IV or simply Delta is the homeworld of the Deltan species. The planet orbits a small blue-white star in the Beta Quadrant. A world of small, forested continents and lush tropical islands evenly spaced in a warm ocean, its three large moons create complex, unstable tides.

Delta is governed by the Deltan Union, which jointed the Federation in 2223.

In 2380, the planet had a population of 3.8 billion, all Deltan as other species are not permitted on the homeworld, only it's two moons: Cinera and Seyann. (Star Trek: Star Charts)

The Star Charts indicate the Deltans became warp capable in 2223, the same year they were admitted into the Federation. This was later contradicted by the Enterprise episode "Bound", where they were warp capable as early as 2141.
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