Delta Canaris (also known as Delta Canis Majoris or Wezen) is a star. The Federation starship USS Wezen is named for this body. (ST reference: Star Fleet Technical Manual)


Wezen is an F class yellow-white supergiant located about 1,800 light-years from Sol, where it is visible as part of the Canis Major constellation. Delta Canaris is located in the Beta Quadrant of the galaxy, near the 23rd century border between Federation space and the territory of the Klingon Empire.

Delta Canaris is the location of a star system with at least four planets. The fourth planet, Delta Canaris IV, is a class Q planet the supports a native population of intelligent amoebae. (TOS novels: The Klingon Gambit, Mutiny on the Enterprise)


  • Delta Canis Majoris (primary)



Some knowledge of this system's makeup is derived from real-life scientific observations of this real star.


Stars, systems and objects of the Canis Major constellation
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