Delta Pavonis (also known as 88 Pavonis, Gamma Xertia or Benzar) is a star with an associated star system, located in the galaxy's Beta Quadrant, in the space of the Federation.


Delta Pavonis is a yellow star, visible from Earth in the Pavo constellation, some 20 light-years distant. This star is located in the general vicinity of 70 Virginis and 59 Virginis. This star supports a system containing a number of planets, including third planet Benzar—the homeworld of the Benzite civilization. (ST references: Star Charts, The Worlds of the Federation)



Stars, systems and objects of the Pavo constellation
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The Worlds of the Federation describes this star as a red giant, while Star Charts associates the system with a real-life yellow star in Pavo. For the purposes of this wiki, the real-life statistics of Delta Pavonis are listed here.

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