This character is a member of the Sulu family native to the Kelvin timeline.
This page details a counterpart of Demora Sulu in the Kelvin timeline; for the Demora Sulu in the primary universe see Demora Sulu.

Demora Sulu was the daughter of Hikaru Sulu and Ben in the 2260s of the Kelvin timeline. (TOS movie: Star Trek Beyond)


In 2263, Demora travelled with her father Ben to Yorktown to meet with the USS Enterprise and Hikaru. The Enterprise was soon called back into service however and went missing. The space station then came under attack by Krall's swarm with Ben carrying Demora to a shelter before the Enterprise crew managed to save Yorktown. (TOS movie: Star Trek Beyond)

The attack on Yorktown convinced Ben that a starbase was no safer than a starship, prompting Demora and Ben to join Hikaru on the USS Concord. This meant however that they were abducted by the Borg when the cybernetic aliens attacked the ship. Though a terrifying orderal, the Borg had no time to assimilate Demora or her father before Kirk rescued the prisoners and destroyed the Borg sphere. (TOS - Boldly Go comics: "Issue 1", "Issue 2", "Issue 4", "Issue 6")

In the aftermath, Hikaru transferred to the USS Endeavour, bringing his family with him, noting their eagerness to return to space. After Hikaru told Kirk of this, the captain felt Demora would recover from being a Borg prisoner in little time. (TOS - Boldly Go comic: "Issue 6")

When Hikaru found himself pointing a phaser at two Kirks, he asked them to tell him his daughter's name. His bluff called, Garth of Izar then lunged at Kirk only to be stunned by Hikaru. To definitely prove his identity, Kirk then named Demora to his friend. (TOS - Boldly Go comic: "Issue 12")


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