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Denevan crystals

Denevan crystals were a valuable commodity.

In 2374, Quark obtained fifty cases of allegedly stolen Denevan crystals and planned to sell them to a Nausicaan for two hundred bars of latinum. In order to distract Odo, Quark brought up what Odo was planning to do with celebrating his anniversary with Kira Nerys. Quark nearly was caught with the crystals, although Odo decided to let Quark make the deal as thanks for his help in comforting him and pursuading him to make his move. (DS9 episode: "The Sound of Her Voice")

Several days later, Odo revealed to Quark that he knew he had sold the Denevan crystal crystals to the Nausicaan. (DS9 novel: The Fall of Terok Nor)

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