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"He's stealing my soul!"

While strolling down the street, the party comes upon a beggar who appears to have only one leg. You may wish to put some Kopas (local currency) into his bowl, at which the beggar will smile genially.

The medical officer decides to carefully scan this individual, since he has not seen any other Alerian who does not seem totally fit.

As the tricorder is turned on it begins making its normal whining sound. The beggar hears the peculiar noise, sees the device, and begins shouting in mortal terror: "Ayak! Ish Bendanaada ju serada megeni kra kra Jhopo!", which when translated, will turn out to mean, "Help! This off-world swine is trying to steal my soul!"

The local merchants, who have become quite attached to this fellow as knows just about the filthiest stories ever heard in Kembali, will come running to his aid and will insist that the party leave him alone. They won't be violent about it since, after all, he is only a beggar, and no one fights over a beggar.

The tricorder reading taken by the medical officer indicates something peculiar about the beggar's missing leg.



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