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Denocet was a star with an associated star system. Its planetary system included Denocet V, homeworld of the Denoceti species. This star was classified as a Type F2 V bright yellow-white dwarf, and located somewhere in the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrant. (Last Unicorn RPG - TNG module: Planets of the UFP)


Life arose in this system on the fifth planet, Denocet V. The Denoceti remained a pre-warp civilization until Human survivors of the Federation freighter Manila Clipper stranded on this world in 2220 and affected its natural development.

Starfleet discovered the descendants of the Human survivors, who had since blended into Denoceti societies, around 2374. (Last Unicorn RPG - TNG module: Planets of the UFP)

By 2376, Starfleet had established the Denocet Prime Shipyard in orbit of Denocet Prime, the former Denocet V. This Federation shipyard and its namesakes were involved in conflicts surrounding the Borg Collective in 2376 and 2377. (ST video games: Armada, Armada II)

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