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Dermot Cusack (also known as Leon) was a Human male, who served as a yeoman in Starfleet in the 23rd century, attached to Captain Christopher Pike. He had a reputation as something of a rogue.


Cusack was first attached to Pike during their days on the USS Yorktown; the two were close friends and colleagues. They had at some point in their careers fought side by side against the Tholians. When Pike took command of the USS Enterprise in 2251 Cusack went with him, and when Pike came to select his crew for the Enterprise Cusack was there (with a bottle of Irish whiskey) to help his Captain look over the personnel files. (TOS novel: Where Sea Meets Sky; EV comics: "The Fires of Pharos", "Flesh of My Flesh")

In 2254, after the Enterprise drove off a hostile force from Starbase 13, Cusack assisted Doctor Boyce and Nurse Carlotti in setting up a triage on the Starbase before returning to the Enterprise and later joining a landing party to investigate a loss in communications with Starfleet's Project Pharos. On the Pharos siteworld the landing party found themselves under attack by Klingons, and while busy fighting off their opponents Cusack continued to banter with Number One; reminiscing about previous hostile encounters. (EV comic: "The Fires of Pharos")

Cusack enjoying himself hours before his demise

Shortly after that mission Cusack, along with the Enterprise crew, visited Rigel VII where many of the crew took shore leave. Several of them spent an evening in a Rigellian tavern where Cusack took the opportunity to teach his crew mates how to make a perfect Sundowner, which he dubbed the "Kaylar Kalamity" after the Rigellian warrior caste; the Kaylar. Unfortunately, the name turned prophetic as the Enterprise crew came under attack in a Kaylar coup. Cusack and much of his group survived the initial attack, but many were injured. The Rigellian conspirators had established a jamming field preventing the Starfleet crewmen from calling for aid.

With the help of a communicator recalibrated by Mr. Nano, Cusack set off in search of the Rigellian signal jammer. He found it within the halls of the Rigellian Parliamentary Assembly and promptly deactivated it. Unfortunately moments later he was killed, stabbed in the back by Talza, the aide to the Rigellian Minister. (EV comic: "Our Dearest Blood"; TOS episode: "The Cage")

His role as yeoman was taken up by J. Mia Colt shortly after. (EV comic: "Nor Iron Bars a Cage")


  • In Early Voyages, Pike's unnamed previous yeoman from "The Cage" was identified as "Dermot Cusack", but in Where Sea Meets Sky, Pike references him as "Leon".
  • Early Voyages establishes that Cusack joined Pike from his previous command, but it is Vulcan's Glory that gives a name to this command.



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  1. Early Voyages establishes that Cusack joined Pike from his previous command, but it is Vulcan's Glory that gives a name to this command.