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A ship over Derna

Derna was a small uninhabited moon that orbits the planet Bajor.

During the Occupation of Bajor, Derna was the location of a Cardassian base. (ST - Terok Nor novels: Day of the Vipers, Night of the Wolves)

In 2375, the Romulan Star Empire was allowed to establish a field hospital on the surface of Derna by the Bajoran Provisional Government after Senator Kimara Cretak requested the establishment of one, as it was a long way back home for the sick and injured. While the hospital was established quickly, Bajor soon learned that the Romulans were also arming the facility with plasma torpedoes. The Provisional Government demanded the removal of the torpedoes immediately, but the Romulans refused, stating that they needed to defend their facility. With no other choice, Colonel Kira Nerys took charge of a fleet of Bajoran Perikian-class impulse ships and blockaded Derna so that the last shipment of weapons aboard 30 D'deridex-class warbirds could not reach the hospital, and neither Kira or Cretak were willing to compromise. Thankfully, bloodshed was avoided when Admiral William Ross informed Cretak that if the Romulans didn't remove the weapons, then Starfleet would. (DS9 episodes: "Image in the Sand", "Shadows and Symbols")

In 2380, the Third Battle of Deep Space 9 was fought in close proximity to Bajor and its moons, including Derna. (ST video game: Legacy)


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