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  • Captain's log: Stardate 8960.2. 
    A routine reconnaissance mission, already gone wrong, has suddenly taken an even graver turn--
    -- As my landing party and myself find our missing first officer deep within Gamma Trianguli VI's surface...
  • Ship's log: stardate 8960.3, Chief engineer Montgomery Scott recording 
    The Enterprise is still holdin' her orbit around Gamma Trianguli VI--
    --and still no word from Captains Kirk or Spock... or anyone else down below fer that matter!
  • Ship's log: stardate 8961.1, Chief Engineer Scott recording 
    Still been no word from down below...
    And frankly ah'm more than a wee bit antsy 'bout just standin' 'round twiddlin' me thumbs!
    Captain's Kirk's last order t'me was t'await further instructions...
    But a few more minutes o' this an' ah might do sometin' that requires court martial action!
    Linguistics officer Arex has assured me that he's breakin' that Gamma Triangulian steed's gibbering'...
    He wants me t'hold off any action-- he's convinced th' bloody beast'll say something profound that'll clear up th' whole situation...
    Ah'm skeptical-- an' ah'm nearly outta time!
  • Captain's log: stardat 8962.7 
    Several years ago I made a serious error in judgment about the people of Gamma Triangluli VI-- Mister Spock went on the record opposing my decisions here.
    It took him roughly twenty years and a lot of guts to convince me I was wrong--
    -- and for the record..
    ... I was very, very wrong.
    Gamma Trianguli Vi is now in fine shape.

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AkutaArexWilliam BearclawNancy BrycePavel ChekovJames T. KirkKonomMakoraLeonard McCoySargonMontgomery ScottSpockHikaru SuluVaal

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USS Enterprise-A

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Gamma TrianguliGamma Trianguli VI

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landing party

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