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A new Star Trek adventure by Gordon Eklund based on the award-winning television series created by Gene Roddenberry.Devil World was a 1979 Star Trek: The Original Series novel by Gordon Eklund. It was one of a series of original Star Trek novels published by Bantam Books and has subsequently been reprinted several times by Bantam and other publishers.


From the original 1979 edition back cover
Voyage to Heartland.
Heartland… a mysterious planet populated by a small but terrifying race of demonic beings.
Heartland… where Captain Kirk falls in love with a beautiful, mysterious woman with a fatal secret.
Heartland… where Kirk, Spock and the rest of the Enterprise crew will be challenged by an awesome disembodied intelligence, more powerful than any other force in the universe!
From the 1995 edition back cover
They were drawn to the quarantined planet of Heartland to find Jacob Kell, the infamous traitor who forsook the Federation for the Klingons. But what they found was a hell where the devil is real and immortality is possible, if you choose to pay the price… eternal damnation!


Captain's log, stardate 4231.2
With the Enterprise now undergoing general maintenance here at Starbase 13, I've decided to take advantage of the opportunity by issuing an order for full shore leave commencing at once and continuing until further notice. After the lengthy duration of our last voyage, the crew has shown no hesitancy in taking complete advantage of the superb facilities available here for rest, recreation, pleasure, and delight.

James T. Kirk and company attend a magic show. Kirk is noticeably worried that the girl sawed in half will not recover. Kirk is then frightened to the point of disgust by images of devils. Kirk notices a masked girl screaming about her father being abducted by devils. The girl is a Jain, and therefore eats very little and wears a mask to avoid killing microbes. Her name is Gilla Dupree, and she is a famous performer whom Spock describes as 'awesome'. Kirk notes that it took him three hours to compose himself after he witnessed a recording of her acting. She convinces the Captain to help look for her father, a reputed traitor. The starbase commander allows him to go in search of her father, so long as Kirk promises to make a man out of his layabout son.

Captain's log, stardate 4246.7
Upon our arrival at Heartland, I ordered my helmsman to place the ship into orbit around the planet. An immediate full sensor scan of the surface will commence as soon as a stable orbit is achieved. From the viewscreen, Heartland appears to be as reported: a lush M-type planet, with large oceans and considerable continental vegetation, an excellent prospect for Human colonization. While here, I intend to investigate the question of continued quarantine and make a recommendation upon our departure. Our passenger, Gilla Dupree, remains under observation in sickbay. The exact nature of her illness—if any—is as yet undetermined.

Kirk and company arrive at a planet inhabited by a people who look remarkably like the Devil. They are all that remains of a once great race, and their species is dying out. Previous colonists on this planet were driven mad and evacuated forty years before, but one stayed and retained his sanity by hiding from the locals. The locals have accepted Gilla's father as one of their own. He insists that the USS Enterprise leave immediately. Kirk stays the night in a hut, and finds a crewman has gone mad the next morning. Kirk is again told to leave. Kirk insists on staying. Gilla gives up wearing the mask and eats local fruit. Spock senses an angry mental presence in the area. That presence is commanding the locals and Gilla's father. Kirk becomes romantically involved with Gilla and professes his love for her. The presence will not allow the crew to transport off the planet. Spock is driven catatonic by the presence. Gilla makes a deal with the presence requiring her to remain provided the others are allowed to go free.

Captain's log, stardate 4257.1
… and so my recommendation remains that the quarantine of the planet Heartland be not only maintained but more strictly enforced in the future. The mysterious machine intelligence that inhabits the planet will continue to present a clear and present danger to the general well-being of the Federation only as long as the Danon race survives. Since extinction appears to be only a matter of a relatively few years away, the situation does not appear to warrant an offensive response. Time is the ally of the Federation. I am further pleased to report that Mr. Spock continues to make substantial progress toward a full recovery and is expected to resume his normal duties within a few days. Our passenger, Jacob Kell, is also much improved. As for Gilla Dupree, I have not mentioned her in my previous log entries because—

Kirk laments leaving Gilla behind. Dr. Leonard McCoy explains that she had an inoperable tumor and would die rather soon. Kirk promotes the wayward son of Starbase 13's commander to a recently available post in security. Spock recovers from his experience, but the insane security guard does not.



Reni BatesChristine ChapelPavel ChekovDaziDoyleGilla DupreeFaustusGreat MachineJacob KellJames T. KirkLolaRadly MarcusLeonard McCoyMerkleMosleyAlbert SchangAurora SchangWilhelm SchangSpockHikaru SuluNyota UhuraUSS Enterprise (NCC-1701) personnel
Referenced only
William BlighJesus ChristDevilGodIvan the TerribleMahaviraNatashaFriedrich NietzschePavelSatanWilliam ShakespeareLeo Tolstoy

Starships and vehicles

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class heavy cruiser) • USS Tresher



Station locales

recreation deckcommander's office

Shipboard locations


Planetary locales and institutions

Heartland colony
Referenced only
KentuckyStarfleet AcademyRussiaMoscowJapan

Stations and outposts

Starbase 13Starfleet Academy

Planets and planetoids

Referenced only
Ossium IVEarthHerbariumLuna

Stars and systems

Referenced only
Rigellian system

Stellar regions

the galaxy

Races and cultures

DanonHuman (ChineseChristianCossackGermanHinduJainMorganiteRussian) • Vulcan
Referenced only

States and organizations

Klingon EmpireStarfleetStarfleet CommandUnited Federation of Planets

Technology and weapons

britebeamcommunicatorcomputerholographic projectorhypospraylaserphasersensorstarshiptechnologytridee visualviewscreenwarp driveweapon

Ranks and titles

cadetcaptainchief medical officercommandercommanding officercommodorecommunications officercrewmanemperorensignfirst officerflag officerhelmsmanlieutenantlieutenant commandermagiciannavigatorofficerscience officer

Other references

angelbeanbearberryBirth of a Living Starbutterflycatcaptain's logcardschickenchopstickcivilizationclaycolonycontinentcouchcourt-martialcowcreditdemondistress calldogFederation Starfleet ranksFederation Starfleet ranks (2260s)flowerflyfogforestgamegestaltgoatgovernmentgraingrapeGreat Golden ComethamironkaleidoscopeKentucky bourbonlambleaflifeformlog entrynutoceanoilonionorbitoxygenpepperplanetpokerpolar bearPrime DirectiverankreligionrhododendronriceroberootRussian bearsenso-dramashore leavespacerigger's delightstardateStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (2265-2270)titleuniformutility beltvitaminwaterwater chestnutwinezoo


Circa 7700 BCE
10,000 years prior to the 2260s, the Danons rule a sizable portion of the galaxy. Their visits to Earth and their satyr-like appearances help to contribute to the mythology of the Humans' Devil. During this period, the Danons encounter the Torgas, beginning millennia of war, after which the Danons retreat to their homeworld on the planet Heartland, where they build a Great Machine and worship it. (Cited as an approximation, taking place 10,000 years prior)
6th century BCE
Mahavira founds the Jain sect of the Hindu faith. (Mentioned by century)
2269, shortly before stardate 4231
Enterprise arrives for a layover at Starbase 13. (This would have taken place shortly before the first scene of the novel)
Stardate 4231.2
Enterprise continues to Heartland with new crewmember Albert Schang and Gilla Dupree as a passenger.
Stardate 4246.7
Enterprise arrives at Heartland, discovers a powerful presence, and Kirk and crew are trapped planetside while camping among the locals. Gilla Dupree sacrifices herself to save the ship, Albert Schang saves James T. Kirk, and the Enterprise escapes. Overall, one passenger lost, one passenger gained, one security guard driven insane, one security officer created.


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On the Corgi Books reprint edition, the refit Enterprise is shown, despite all other versions' cover art placing this story in the 2260s decade, prior to the vessel refit.


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Publication history
November 1979
First published by Bantam Books, cover by Enric Torres-Prat. (ISBN 0553132970)
January 1985
Second printing by Bantam, new cover by Enric Torres-Prat. (ISBN 0553246771)
March 1985
First published in Great Britain. (Corgi Books, ISBN 0552125806)
October 1994
Reissued in Great Britain as Star Trek Adventures #8, cover by Alister Pearson. (Titan Books, ISBN 1852865326)
November 1995
Third printing by Bantam Spectra, cover by Kazuhiko Sano. (ISBN 0553246771)


July 1988
Italian: As Pianeta infernale, translated by translated by Annarita Guarnieri, cover by Marilena Maiocco. (Garden Editoriale)
German: As Der Teufelsplanet, Raumschiff Enterprise #19, translated by Angelika Weidmann. (Goldmann)

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