Dhoraxi scoutship shot 1

Dhoraxi scoutship alternate 23rd century

Dhoraxi scoutship shot 2

Dhoraxi scoutship aft alternate 23rd century

Dhoraxi scoutship shot 3

Dhoraxi scoutship 20th century

Dhoraxi scoutship shot 4

Dhoraxi scoutship underside shot 20th century

The Dhoraxi scoutship was a type of small scout ship used by the Dhoraxi that could be flown with a minimum crew of just one.

The general design was in use for at least three centuries and it could be used for a variety of roles or had three different variants that came with their own capabilities; a long range personal transport capable of high warp speed, an interceptor that was armed with at least one direct energy beam weapon, and as a shuttle that could be carried on board Dhoraxi motherships and was capable of landing on planets.

The shuttle variant was fitted with hull plating that rendered it transparent to human 20th century radar.

Similar to Starfleet technology and equipment, the Dhoraxi also used valuable metals such as gold, silver, and platinum in the construction of the scout. (TOS comic: "1971/4860.2")

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