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Diane Carey is an author of Star Trek novels and stories who was active in writing Star Trek literature from 1986 to 2001.

History and specifics[]

Diane Carey's Star Trek novels began with Dreadnought! in 1986. The story became very popular and was immediately followed by a sequel, Battlestations!. Shortly after, the Paramount Pictures licensing rules became more strict, meaning that books like these with casts of original characters not derived from canon productions were no longer allowed in the numbered Pocket TOS series. These first two books were popular enough to be reprinted and re-branded under a subseries name, Fortunes of War. Uniquely among Star Trek authors, Carey herself modelled for the cover art for both novels, portraying her original character, Piper.

Carey's next major Star Trek publication was Final Frontier, the third and final unnumbered book to be branded as a Star Trek Giant Novel. This story followed the lead of her earlier books by again taking focus away from the TOS cast, in a flashback story with George Kirk meeting Sarah and Robert April. The story was followed up by a hardcover sequel with those characters, Best Destiny, a coming-of-age story with a young James T. Kirk.

Diane Carey also wrote the first original Star Trek: The Next Generation novel, Ghost Ship. Researched and written before the bulk of the show's first season, the story contains some premises that are unique to the early development of TNG.

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