A didgeridoo, also called a dijiridu, is a wind instrument of the aborigines of the Australian Outback of Earth.

A human Dissenter named Gunabibi owned a dijiridu on Rampart in the 24th century. Utilizing a process of circular breathing, she was able to play without any pauses for breaths. In 2366, during the Dissenter's assault on the thought-police at CephCom, Gunabibi played her dijiridu into a microphone which Coyote patched through CephCom’s intercoms and Cephalic Security officers’ headsets, a tactic designed to disable the troops. The music she played was a complex fertility song from her Australian heritage and was representative of the double-helix of DNA as it looped infinitely through time. The wildly creative expression was anathema to the severely-restrictive Rampartian way of life, triggering seizures in some of the security officers, while others collapsed in terror and began hallucinating. (TNG novel: Gulliver's Fugitives)

Columbia's commanding officer, Captain Erika Hernandez, was reminded of the Outback when she held an audience with the Caeliar Quorum. As the Caeliar were able to communicate through non-verbal means via catoms, they merely made an atonal humming similar to didgeridoos. (ST - Destiny novel: Gods of Night)

When USS Titan officer Tamen Gibruch (a Chandir) shook his head, the sound emanating from his swinging cranial trunk reminded Captain Riker of an Australian didgeridoo. (TTN novel: Seize the Fire)

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