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"Dilithium Is a Girl's Best Friend" is a short story from the Strange New Worlds 2016 anthology.


Harry Mudd asks Eve McHuron to help him in another criminal act he has planned.



Ruth BonaventureEve McHuronHarry MuddPortal 57Hikaru Sulu
Referenced only 
Ben ChildressHerm GossettJames T. KirkMagda KovacsCarol MarcusKhan Noonien SinghSpock

Starships and vehicles

USS ExcelsiorStella Signata
Referenced only 
USS Enterprise


Beta QuadrantPhocis Harju V
Referenced only 
Ophiucus IIIRigel XIIRura PentheTalos IV

Races and cultures

Referenced only 

States and organizations

Childress DrillingFederationFederation Ministry of Civil SpaceflightStarfleetTkon Empire

Other references

dilithiumlithium circuitProject GenesisprotomatterRigellian flamegemRigellian oxVenus drug


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