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Dinar system

The Dinar system.

Dinar was a star system, located somewhere in the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants, near the borders of Federation space.

History and specificsEdit

Dinar consisted of a central primary star orbited by several planets. Of these bodies, only the fourth planet, Dinar IV, was considered to be habitable by humanoid lifeforms. (TOS comic: "Once a Hero!")

In the diagram of Dinar's planetary system, Dinar IV was shown second, but had two additional planets in further orbits from the star after Dinar IV. This probably indicates there are six planets in total, with the first two omitted from the chart.

System makeupEdit

Dinar primary star
  • Dinar I
  • Dinar II
  • Dinar III
  • Dinar IV
  • Dinar V
  • Dinar VI



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