Dinasia (or Dynasia) is a star with an associated star system. Dinasia is a class K orange star located in the space of the Beta Quadrant of the galaxy, aproximately 130 light-years from Earth. (ST reference: Star Charts)


Dinasia was located in or near Federation space in the 24th century, in far reaches bordered by the Klingon Empire and the Federation's Neutral Zone with the Romulan Star Empire. The system was depopulated and quarantined by that time.

This system is home to an orbiting planetary system that includes the world Dinasia, homeworld of the Dinasian civilization and the Dinasian language. Nearby locations include Starbase 123, the Iccobar binary system, Balduk system and Iconia. (ST reference: Star Charts)

System makeup

Dynasia (primary star)
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