Dirf, son of Dorf was a male Ferengi, and one of the most popular comedians on Ferenginar during the Golden Age of Silly Bwah-hah-hahs. Dirf most famous for his comedic character Shlork the Stuttering Vulcan, and his catchphrase, "It's n-n-not log-g-gical!" During his career, Dirf maintained a long-running rivalry with Gormie Gormatop, which was so intense that the two would refuse to perform in cities the other had visited.

Dirf was a rabid fan of the actor Flynk, and was briefly married to Flynk's eighth wife. On the thirtieth anniversary of Flynk's death, Gormie proposed that he and Dirf perform together at the memorial. Dirf accepted, but was undercut by Gormie when he performed his entire act, including a portrayal of Shlork and his own character, Klang the Incontinent Klingon. As a result, Dirf fell ill and never performed again. (DS9 reference: Legends of the Ferengi)

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