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The Disruptors were a terroristic group on the planet Ardana in the 23rd century. Made up primarily of Troglyte zenite miners, they used acts of property destruction, sabotage and other violence against the Cloud City of Stratos and the Stratos City Dwellers to protest the ill-treatment and social equality of the Troglytes.

In 2269, the Disruptors stole a supply of zenite meant to be delivered by the USS Enterprise to planet Merak II, to treat a botanical plague there. Captain James T. Kirk was able to convince Vanna, leader of the Disruptors, to release the zenite, in exchange for breathing filter technology that would protect the Troglyte miners. (TOS episode: "The Cloud Minders")

Not long after this, the Troglytes established their own government on Ardana, and the City Dwellers declared war on them. This war, known as the Great Disruption, ended after the Troglytes managed to seize Stratos. Disruptors planted a number of deadly traps for the City Dwellers, some of which remained undisturbed after the Ardanan government was overthrown and Stratos was abandoned. Three of these hidden traps were triggered over a century later by Starfleet crew attempting to stabilize Stratos's flight. (CoE eBook: Signs from Heaven)

Memory Alpha and the DVD closed captioning for this episode uses the spelling "Disrupters," while the novelization and Signs from Heaven use the spelling "Disruptors".

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