Varchas vs Enterprise

The USS Enterprise taking punishing disruptor fire from the IKS Varchas in 2254.

A disruptor is a type of directed energy weapon technology used among many non-Federation races and cultures.

Disruptors fire bolts of highly-charged plasma (technically, negatrons/antiprotons). These weapons can be used on a variety of settings, ranging from Stun (concussion/neural shock) to Disruption. Their antimatter bolts can cut through metal, or cause explosions due to thermal shock.

A disruptor can be fired in Pulse or Beam Modes. Its ammunition consists of antimatter cartridges.

Disruptors can be set on Overload, to detonate like mines or grenades.


In the year 2254, the Klingon Kaaj was able to deliver severe damage to the Federation starship USS Enterprise by carefully controlling his ship's disruptor pulse patterns and repeatedly targeting stressed areas. (EV comic: "The Fires of Pharos")

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Romulan disruptor

2270s Romulan disruptor.

Romulan disruptor Malibu

Pair of Romulan disruptors in 2371.

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