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Introduction (blurb)

2265: Following the discoveries made by the U.S.S. Constellation in the Taurus Reach, Starfleet has fast-tracked the construction of Starbase 47, a.k.a. Vanguard. But the rapid construction has meant concomitant technical problems, ones that are vexing Vanguard's commanding officer, Commodore Diego Reyes.

So it's the Corps of Engineers to the rescue. The U.S.S. Lovell, with its crack S.C.E. team led by Lt. Commander Mahmud al-Khaled, must solve Vanguard's technical crises so the base can become operational as planned.

A return to the 23rd century, in the tradition of Foundations and Where Time Stands Still, and a prequel to the acclaimed new novel series Star Trek: Vanguard!




Mahmud al-KhaledCurtis BallardBrivJon CooperJessica DiamondIsaiah FarberEzekiel FisherGanzGhrexToby GreenfieldHaniff JacksonJaeqMalhotraZett NilricDaniel OkagawaFolanir PzialDiego ReyesAraev zh'RhunSasha RodriguezAddison ShepherdTamishiroT'LaenT'Prynn
Referenced only
GodPaul LeGereMatuzasSoral

Starships and vehicles

USS Lovell (Daedalus-class) • Omari-Ekon
Referenced only
USS Belleau Woodboatescape podUSS Helios (Drexler-class frigate)


Cargo Bay 12Stars LandingTaurus ReachTom Walker'sStarbase 47/Vanguard (Watchtower-class)
Referenced only
AndorArcturusBuquair IIICargo Bay 19Deep Space Station K-5Glassner colonyHellManón'sMemory AlphaNeutral ZoneOutpost 5Tantalus V

Races and cultures

AndorianArcturianDenobulanHuman (AfricanAsian) • NaloriOrionRigelianRigellian (humanoid)TellariteVulcan
Referenced only

States and organizations

Klingon EmpireMerchant's GuildOrion SyndicateStarfleetStarfleet CommandStarfleet Corps of EngineersTholian AssemblyUnited Federation of Planets

Ranks and titles

ambassadorassassinbartenderbusiness managercaptainchief engineerchief medical officercommandercommanding officercommodoredockmasterdoctorengineerensignexecutive officerfirst officerfreight haulerhelm officerintelligence officerkinglieutenantlieutenant commandermaintenance workermechanicmerchantofficerprincepsychiatristscientistsecurity chiefsheriffsuperior officertechnicianweapons officeryeoman

Technology and weapons

airlockantenna dishartificial gravityaudio pickupauxiliary generatorbatterybulkheadburst transmittercan openercommunications receivercommunicatorcomputercutting laserdata bankdatabasedata discdata slatedermal protoplaserdiagnostic scannerdisplay monitordocking portdocking ringduotronicenergy reactorenvironmental control systemenvironmental sensorenvironmental suitfire-suppression systemforce-field emitterfreighterhydraulic sealindicatorintercominternal sensorJefferies tubekeypadknifelibrary computerlife supportmagnetic sealmaneuvering thrustermemory bankP-38phaserpower cellpower generatorpower plantprobepulse scramblerrogue gravity fluxsensorsensor arraysensor nodeShedai carrier wavesite-to-site transportspace stationspeakerstarbasestar mapstarshipsupport armthrustertoilettractor beamtram tubetransmittertransportertricorderturboliftuniversal translatorviewscreenwarp enginework light

Other references

2265alcoholalienalpha shiftasteroidatmospherebeerblack marketbloodbonebridgebrigbuffetcardscargo bayClass MClass Y planetclaustrophobiaclothingcoffeecolonycoolantcoppercreditdaydecadedilithium crystaldistress signaldollDramian weed teaduraniumearthquakeengineeringfirefishingfruitgamblinggamma shiftglassgoldgovernmentgravitygredlahrgymhairhearthomeworkhomeworldhospitalhourhumanoidKelvinkilometerklaxonlanguagelifeformlight-yearliquorlogicmapmetalmetermethanemilitaryminutemoneymonthmugatomusicnitrogenoiloutpostoxygenpaperplanetplasticpoisonpokerradiationrestaurantrockrumschoolsecondsectorself-destructsickbaysilverslaverysmugglingspacestarstardatestealth suittattootaverntechnologytobaccotool satcheltransparent aluminumtransporter roomtreetritaniumtsunamiuniformventilation ductwaterweaponwoodyear


  • This eBook is the fourth of six in the SCE: What's Past miniseries, celebrating the fortieth anniversary of Star Trek.


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