The Distant Origin theory was a scientific belief postulated among certain people within the Voth society. According to the theory, the Voth did not evolve on their homeworld or even within the Delta Quadrant but instead came from another world far away. This theory would be somewhat unpopular and face much criticism as it went against Voth Doctrine which stated that the Voth evolved on their own planet.

In truth, Distant Origin was accurate for the Voth originally evolved on the planet Earth in the Alpha Quadrant and were in fact evolved descendants of the Dinosaurs. Professor Gegen began research on the theory despite not having the support of his comrades after uncovering the body of a Humanoid whose genetic structure shared many markers with the Voth. His theory would be further proved upon locating the USS Voyager; however, the Voth Ministry of Elders threatened Gegen with the destruction of the Voyager crew if he did not retract his findings; with which he was forced to comply. (VOY episode: "Distant Origin")

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