A Starfleet distress beacon recovered by Romulan Commander Liviana Charvanek.

A distress beacon is a probe or other type of beacon that is used to send a distress call. Starships, outposts, and other installations may resort to using a distress beacon in case their emergency systems go offline. One such installation equipped with a beacon was the Federation Embassy on Qo'noS. Theirs was called the "Flare" (DS9 - The Left Hand of Destiny novel: Book One)

Usage[edit | edit source]

In 2270, the freighter USS Huron used a distress beacon to alert the starship USS Enterprise that it was being attacked by an unidentified vessel. Captain Svenquist O'Shea chose a beacon over subspace communication in hopes that it would go unnoticed by their attacker. (TAS episode & Log Five novelization: The Pirates of Orion)

In 2274, a distress beacon from the planet Iskonia arrived in the neighboring Vulpecula 12 system, broadcasting a request for assistance. It was observed by the Enterprise, which diverted to render aid. (TOS comic: "Restructuring Is Futile")

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