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AntaakJonathan ArcherMatthew HarrisErika HernandezK'Vagh, son of Wor'maqKrellLaneth, daughter of GarjudMarab, son of K'VaghTravis MayweatherMalcolm ReedPhloxPorthosR. RyanHoshi SatoT'PolCharles Tucker IIIWarren Woods

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Enterprise (NX-class) • Columbia (NX-class) • Laneth's starship

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Qu'Vat colony

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Earth StarfleetKlingon Empire

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Related media[edit | edit source]

Phlox as seen in a comic book recreation of this episode

  • Against Their Nature (TOS episode) - This comic includes a flashback to this episode during an explanation of different types of Klingons, those with or without ridges.

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