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"Divide et Impera" was a mission in Star Trek Online. At game launch it was the fourth mission of the "Romulan Mystery" episode, but it was removed from the game as part of a revamp of the episode for the game's fifth anniversary on 29 January 2015.

The mission's title is Latin for "divide and rule" (possibly a mistranslation of "divide and conquer").


Admiral Zelle is our expert on the Romulans, <rank>.

She has been dealing with them for most of her Starfleet career, and I trust her opinion.

She needs a ship and a crew for a top-secret mission. Speak to her and follow her instructions.


The player character collects Admiral Zelle in T'nae's office on Starbase 39-Sierra and travels to a Romulan base in the Vendor system. After destroying several Romulan ships in space they beam aboard the space station.

Zelle claims that the Romulans are developing banned weapons but it quickly becomes clear through examinations of cargo and computers that they are in fact medical researchers working on countermeasures against the Undine. Upon being cornered, the base CO, Commander Selok, says she has heard many stories of Federation hypocrisy and depravity but never believed them until now, and accuses the party of being Undine. She attacks and is killed. Zelle now reveals herself to be a shapeshifted Undine.

The player defeats the Undine but it transforms into Selok and beams away, and the player is forced to mount a fighting retreat from the station.



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Cryptic Studios lead writer Christine Thompson remarked that "Divide et Impera" was supposed to be part of a three-mission story arc that was never completed due to time constraints during development. Before its deletion the mission was universally reviled for railroading the player character into committing war crimes by attacking the Romulan medical personnel, and at least two missions were created by players using Star Trek Online's Foundry toolset to complete the arc and explain the actions.


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