The Divine Treasury was the afterlife in Ferengi beliefs and was the source of the Great Material River. The Divine Treasury is presided over by the Blessed Exchequer. (DS9 episode: "Little Green Men")

The gates of the Divine Treasury radiated with pure latinum along with the clothing as well as the stairs that Ferengi travelled. A choir of accountants would sing while the deceased Ferengi approached the Chief Auditor, who was known as Relk. The Chief Auditor would then open the set of books that detail the financial history and life of the deceased for one final audit. If the ledgers did not balance, then the person would be damned for an eternity in the Debtor's Dungeon where they would be imprisoned within dark cells. If Relk was satisfied with the accounts then he would double stamp them as congratulations for the deceased to be admitted into the Head Office where they could take their place at the Counting Board of the Divine Nagus himself. As the deceased travelled deeper within this paradise until they reached the chamber of the Divine Nagus himself who sat on the executive chair and behind the executive desk where mounds of latinum coins awaited to be counted by him, Junior Assistants were known to travel within the heavenly halls of the Divine Treasury. (DS9 - Millennium novel: Inferno)

In 2372, Quark had a vision of the Divine Treasury in which he was welcomed there by Gint, who resembled his brother Rom. (DS9 episode: "Body Parts")

After Grand Nagus Zek's reforms, many Ferengi stopped believing that they had to buy their way into the Divine Treasury. (DS9 episode: "The Dogs of War")

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