The being called Djinn.

Djinn is a malevolent, omnipotent being with a deep hatred of humanity.


Djinn was responsible for the eventual insanity of Armand St. John, allowing him to believe he had created a machine allowing him to pull parallel versions of himself from an alternate universe. By the time that the USS Enterprise crew revealed this deception for what it was, Djinn destroyed the colony on Leora IV, claiming that they were close to a discovery that would allow humanity to evolve into a type of being with powers rivaling that of Djinn. Spock would later theorize that Djinn's hatred of humanity was simply the result of a realization that humanity would eventually surpass his race. His race, in question, may have begun the antiquated Earth legends of "Genies" and their supposed magic powers. (TOS comic: "All of Me")

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