"Square Deal" Djonreel was a male Lonat trader. He arrived on station Deep Space 9 in 2370 and made an arrangement with Quark for the sale, on consignment, of an old Cardassian strong box. Dickering over the division of the sale proceeds, Quark offered Djonreel forty percent, taking sixty percent for himself. Djonreel wanted at least half, so Quark offered "sixty-fifty"; Djonreel hesitated, but countered with "sixty-sixty", Quark agreed, and Djonreel left the box to Quark to sell. Quark knew a Ferengi court would uphold it if Quark took sixty percent and left only forty for Djonreel.

As is normal for his species, Djonreel routinely spoke in rhyme. He was pleased and honored when the DS9 crew answered him in kind, when he first came to the station to dock his vessel. (DS9 novel: Fallen Heroes)

The resolution of the deal is not depicted in the novel, as Djonreel has not yet returned when the story ends.

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