Tabukan President Dodridj in 2290.

Dodridj was a Tabukan native to the fourth planet in the Tabukan system.


Dodridj served as President of Tabuk in 2290. That year, Tabuk 3 and 4 were rocked by raids made by the Maroan Dominion (supported by the Romulan Empire) on a Tabukan weapons-disposal convoy carrying Tabukan warheads. She and her deputy, Gefion, then called for help from the Federation Starfleet. Dodridj then met with Captain Hikaru Sulu and his staff on board the USS Excelsior to discuss the situation.

Dodridj then met Captains James T. Kirk, Spock, Sulu and Commander Janice Rand at their Arsenal to discuss how Gefion's and her peoples were entering a state of distrust. She then gave them a tour of the arsenal, showing them footage of the Erion Incident to demonstrate why both worlds moved their weapon labs to asteroids. When a saboteur was found, she and Gefion tried to fight each other, but Capt. Sulu intervened, reminding them of the agreement to work peacefully towards disposal of their warheads. (TOS - Tests of Courage comics: "Battle Stations!", "Consequences!")

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