Dol'Rum was a 23rd century Makon man. He was a government official on the planet Makon III who served as secretary of affairs of the Makon City-States under President Wan'Brek.


Dol'Rum was an elitist and slaver whose main role was to make sure that newly developed technology was adapted for military use. He also bought and sold Makon thinkers as needed. When Wan'Brek approved a project to develop warp drive, Dol'Rum purchased the necessary scientists and engineers, and as a result was considered to be in charge of the project.

In 2268, after his nation-state's first warp flight drew the attention of the starship USS Enterprise, Dol'Rum attended an evening meal with a Federation delegation along with Wan'Brek and vice president of operations Del'Chan. He was surprised to learn that the commanding officer of the Enterprise would share the dinner table with Doctor Leonard McCoy and Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott, whose roles were those of second-class citizens on Makon III.

When a guard spotted one of their thinkers vanishing with Kirk, Dol'Rum concluded that Starfleet had teleportation technology. Speculating that Kirk had already allied with the Mols, an opposing nation-state, he recommended a first strike military assault against them. (TOS - Star Trek: The Manga - Uchu comic: "Inalienable Rights")



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