Dolanara was a female Betrisian from the Lisqual province on Betrisius III. She was a respected member of the Ministry of Reformation, which was responsible for the rehabilitation of the Lisqual criminal population, called reformants. Due to her position, she was aware of the numerous violations of reformant rights by her government over the decades, including forcing them into military service (as soldiers known as Morhenza), and arbitrarily extending their sentences in order to keep them as laborers.

In 2376, the United Federation of Planets made first contact with Betrisius III, and Dolanara was among the government officials to meet with representatives of the Federation and Starfleet. As diplomatic talks progressed, and Dolanara learned of the Federation's social policies, she became concerned that the rights abuses would be forever covered up. In order to bring these issues to light, she resigned from the Ministry, and in early 2377 devised an override of the reformants' neural mediators, causing them to engage in acts of civil disobedience and violence. She also adopted the persona of "Jannim", a figure from Lisqual folklore who was a hero of the oppressed.

Dolanara was eventually tracked and apprehended by the crew of USS da Vinci; however, she committed suicide before she could be questioned at length, thus triggering an escalation of reformant violence. (CoE eBook: Turn the Page)

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