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Donna O'Neill, or "D.O.", was a Human female who served as an officer in the United Earth Starfleet during the historic first mission of the Enterprise under Captain Jonathan Archer, and later serving in the Federation Starfleet. With red hair and a short stature, D.O. served as gamma shift commander on the Enterprise until 2160. Eventually she rose to command her own vessel in the Federation Starfleet.


D.O., like Enterprise shipmate Travis Mayweather, was a space boomer, born on a freighter on a long-haul run. She eventually realized, that she wanted more than a freight-haulers life, and found her calling with Starfleet.

Starfleet career

Earth Starfleet

She graduated from flight school in 2139 and had posings on two Daedalus-class starships, first the USS Essex and later the USS Archon. Eventually, Captain Jonathan Archer of the Enterprise (NX-01) took notice of her and had her transferred to his vessel, but to O'Neill's surprise not as a pilot but as a gamma shift watch commander.

According to ENT novel: Last Full Measure she was posted to Enterprise at the end of 2152, however this is contradicted by ENT novel: What Price Honor? as she is already present on the ship at the beginning of 2152.

In January 2152, she was on watch on the bridge, when Commodore Roan S'acree of the Sarkassian Empire sent out a distress call to his people. She alerted and briefed the on the situation the senior staff, how decided that they helped the Commodore. (ENT novel: What Price Honor?)

She went on her first away mission with Captain Archer to the planet Kaletoo during the Xindi mission in the Delphic Expanse in 2153, after several members of the crew fell into comas after an encounter with one of the Expanse's Orassin distortion fields.

She later provided the captain and several other crewmembers an escape from a Xindi trap while piloting Shuttlepod 2. (ENT novel: Last Full Measure)

In July 2155, she took over the tactical station shortly before the Battle of Draylax when Lieutenant Malcolm Reed called in sick to cover his unauthorized departure from Enterprise. (ENT novel: Kobayashi Maru)

In March 2156, O'Neill and Reed devised a tactic, that showed how Romulan ships were able to bypass the Vulcan early warning system installed around Coalition star systems, and commanded Enterprise during the war game that tested the theory.

She briefly served as acting executive officer, during Commander T'Pol's assignment to Vulcan, in mid-2156, and manned the science station during the Second Battle of Berengaria. (ENT - The Romulan War novel: Beneath the Raptor's Wing)

In late 2156, she along with Malcolm Reed and Mike Burch, was promoted to lieutenant commander. O'Neill served on Enterprise in its remaining years in service. She present on the bridge during the Battle of Cheron, and helped decipher the software key provided by Lazarus that allowed the Earth forces to send commands to the control consoles of the Romulan ships. (ENT - The Romulan War novel: To Brave the Storm)

Federation Starfleet

By 2165, O'Neill had been promoted to captain and given command of a starship in the Federation Starfleet. Admiral Archer considered her among the captains he trusted out in the field. (ENT novel: Live by the Code)


location assignment/event dates rank or rate assignment insignia rank insignia
Flight School student 2139 United Earth Starfleet Emblem.gif
USS Essex pilot
USS Archon
Enterprise (NX-01) gamma shift officer of the watch by 2152-2155 lieutenant NX01patch.jpg Earth cmd lt.png
acting first officer 2156
gamma shift officer of the watch 2156-2160 lieutenant commander Earth cmd ltcmdr.png
unnamed starship commanding officer by 2165 captain UEPA emblem. Cmd capt 2160s.png



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She was created as a homage to a real-life Pocket Books staffer named Donna O'Neill. Series editor Margaret Clark has stated that the character as described in the books is the description of the real-life Donna O'Neill.

Donna O'Neill has the distinction of being the first recurring book-only character to appear in the Enterprise novels.