Donovan Eames was a 23rd century human male.

Eames was the director of the hospital system on Tarsus IV. In the 2240s, Eames and his wife lived on Tarsus IV when the food supply was attacked by an exotic fungus. At first Eames thought new Governor Adrian Kodos was mounting an effective response to the crisis, but was horrified when Kodos and his people murdered 4,000 colonists. Being one of the few people who could identify Kodos, Eames somehow escaped being amongst the 4,000 killed, while many similar individuals who could identify Kodos were not so lucky.

Following the massacre Eames stayed on Tarsus IV for several years to help the colony rebuild. After retiring from his role as hospital director, Eames and his wife moved to Benecia Colony in order to live a quiet existence away from the memories of their time on Tarsus IV. He agreed to be interviewed by Shannon Moulton for her book The Four Thousand: Crisis on Tarsus IV even though he knew it would thrust him and his wife back in to the spotlight. (DSC novel: Drastic Measures)

Being as he was one of the few individuals who witnessed the massacre and could identify Kodos, Eames was murdered by Lenore Karidian some time prior to 2266. (TNG episode: "The Conscience of the King")

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