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Dorado was a 23rd century Federation guardship. It was not manned by Starfleet personnel.

History[edit | edit source]

In the 2260s, Dorado was assigned to border patrol duty along the Federation-Klingon Neutral Zone under the command of Captain Louis Jago.

In 2265, crewmen Erhard Voss, Kefford and Martin led a mutiny. They released Jago and five loyal officers in a class F shuttlecraft, retaining Lieutenant Horek as a hostage, then took Dorado towards the Klingon Empire to seek political asylum. The starship USS Enterprise was dispatched to intercept, as the vessel contained classified documents. Voss jettisoned some of the guardship's main fuel, so when the Enterprise fired on Dorado, the explosion crippled the starship and allowed Dorado to escape.

Dorado approached Scaptar along the Klingon border. The outpost commander launched a Klingon transit-hopper spacecraft into orbit, which sent a representative in an environmental suit to Dorado, but it was really a masterslave robot full of deadly gas. The robot was sliced in half by the guardship's airlock.

Dorado then headed into Klingon territory toward Necros. Before the mutineers' actions could incite a war, Spock was able to trick Voss into turning Dorado back toward Federation territory. James T. Kirk fired a gas grenade through the hull of Dorado to incapacitate the mutineers. (TOS comic: "Mutiny on the Dorado")

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