It's Ajir vs. Grond to the death... (Mother told me there'd be days like this...)

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Log Entries[edit | edit source]

  • Captain's log : Stardate 8890.1. 
    The Excelsior had just been surrendered to the Ajir, representatives of a fierce conqueror empire, and Excelsior personnel were training the Ajir in how to run her or trying to.
    And now this happens.
    Some days you wish you could just stay in bed.
  • Captain's log, Stardate 8890.9 
    They say history repeats itself and this is one instance where that statement is quite true...
  • Captain's log, Stardate 8891.03 
    The Grond are ferrying the Ajir back to their homeworld, where they will be establishing diplomatic relations while awaiting the arrival of a Federation trade and finance team. I strongly recommend that the members of the team be persons allergic to neither lobsters nor fur...

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Nancy BrycePavel ChekovJames T. KirkLeonard McCoyRichardsonSaavikMontgomery ScottHikaru SuluHarb TanzerNyota Uhura

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USS Excelsior (Excelsior-class) • Grond starship

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captain's loghistoryhomeworldlobster

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This is the second part of the "Double Blind" storyline. The first part was titled "Double Blind, Part One" (with the number spelled out), but this installment was titled "Double Blind, Part II" (with a Roman numeral).

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