The Douwd were a powerful, immortal race of energy beings. They possessed near omnipotent powers, including the power to wipe out an entire species from existence. Some Douwd impersonated members of other species. (TNG episode: "The Survivors")

Unlike 0, the Douwd was considered one of the advanced intelligences that recognized reality. (TNG - The Q Continuum novel: Q-Strike)

In the far distant past, the Guardian of Forever displayed an image of the Douwd to a young Q. (TNG - The Q Continuum novel: Q-Space)

In the year 2366, the Douwd known as Kevin Uxbridge was encountered by the crew of the Starfleet starship USS Enterprise-D on Delta Rana IV, three days after the destruction of the local Federation colony by the Husnock. Uxbridge was left in self-imposed isolation on the planet after wiping out the entire Husnock civilization in retaliation. (TNG episode: "The Survivors")


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