Dovraku was a male Fabrini who lived on the Lorina colony in the 23rd century.

Dovraku was born into a lower class family on the asteroid ship Yonada, and had a difficult childhood. His father was an alcoholic who spent most of his wages to support his drinking habit, and was quite abusive towards Dovraku and his mother. Upon growing up Dovraku became a low level clerk for the priesthood. Dovraku quickly learned how to work the Oracular system to his advantage rather than become frustrated at the limits it imposed on the Fabrini.

Some time after Dovraku had become a clerk, Yonada was approaching the system where the promised world of Lorina was located. However by then the Oracle's navigation systems had degraded. Yonada was off course and on a collision course with Daran V. The USS Enterprise intercepted the Yonada and, after disabling the Oracle, managed to put the ship back on course for Lorina. Afterwards, High Priestess Natira stepped down from her post as High Priestess to become the Governess of the new colony world, and removed the priesthood from political power. As Dovraku was just beginning his ascent in the priesthood, his dreams had been swept away.

In 2273, Dovraku commanded the "Faithful" and ordered a number of terrorist attacks against what he preceived as symbols of Natira's collusion with the "Federashya." Following the V'Ger incident, Dovraku and his followers believed that the time was right to restore the Oracle's power. Dovraku's first move was to order Moredi to assassinate Governess Natira by planting an explosive device under her automobile. Natira was saved by Lieutenant Christopher Lindstrom, although she was injured in the explosion.

As Dovraku hoped, Natira then called her ex-husband Leonard McCoy and the Enterprise and requested Federation assistance. Dovraku was eventually able to force Spock to perform the mind meld technique known as the bridging of minds between Dovraku, Spock, and the Oracle. While in the mind meld Spock discovered Dovraku's childhood memories of abuse and other traumas. When Dovraku was unable to deal with the traumas, he slipped into a catatonic state. With their leader catatonic and in custody, Dovraku's movement soon fell apart, with the ringleaders captured and those on the periphery fading back into Lorina society. (TOS novel: Ex Machina)

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