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A dragon is a type of lizard-like animal lifeform. Creatures of this specific type are not believed to have evolved on Earth, but the general description of such an animal exists in Human mythology. Humans have since discovered actual dragon-like creatures living on other planets.

The Dragon Empire was located near the Dragon Nebula, whose dragon-like appearance was an inspiration for the name. (TNG novel: Dragon's Honor)

Hebitian tombs often had statues of a sleeping toj'lath, representing a dead ruler being wakened by a dragon. (ST - New Worlds, New Civilizations short story: "The Glories of the Hebitians")

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Berengarian dragon

Berengarian dragon

In 2154, T'Pol mentioned Berengaria VII as having a species of flying reptile, over 200 meters in length, that breathed fire. Draco Berengarius came to be on the Federation's protected species list. (ENT episode: "Bound", TOS episode: "This Side of Paradise", DS9 novel: Bajor: Fragments and Omens, TOS novel: The Fearful Summons, ST reference: The Worlds of the Federation)

In 2266, King Wobine faced a winged kurgo, and later Captain James T. Kirk fought a gordoon on the planet Jodarr. (TOS comic: "Spore of the Devil")

In 2269, the Organian wizard Enowil materialized an adventure story for Kirk, McCoy and Nyota Uhura to watch. A large mauve-colored dragon swooped above them carrying a princess in its claws. It breathed fire that smelled of orange-blossoms and was pursued on foot by a knight. The dragon flew into a mountain cave. A legion of creatures blocked the knight’s path, but were routed by American cavalry, who were then attacked by a flock of dragons. (TOS novel: Trek to Madworld)

Elias Vaughn was born and raised on Berengaria VII, where he was once attacked by a dragon. The creature left behind its own DNA traces and a scar running from his neck to his left ear. (DS9 novel: Bajor: Fragments and Omens)

In 2366, a male haguya named Saushulima shared a close bond with Rhiannon on the planet Rampart. A flock of haguya rescued Dissenters who were about to be assassinated by Cephalic Security. The sight of dragons broke through the brainwashing of Captain Alfred Bowles, formerly of the USS Huxley. (TNG novel: Gulliver's Fugitives)

In 2369, The USS Enterprise-D discovered a Preserver world containing a society of the feudal era of Germany. In addition, the planet was also inhabited by vicious dragon-like creatures that were hunted by an illegal poaching operation. (TNG novel: Here There Be Dragons)

In 2376, the knight Koros was mortally wounded while fighting a dragon-like creature. He died shortly after a wizard that called himself The Doctor arrived and stunned the dragon. (VOY comic: "Avalon Rising")

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