Draim was a powerful member of the Orion Syndicate in the 24th century who was considered to be a very dangerous individual. He specialized in extortion and blackmail, and employed net-girls to obtain illicit and protected information about his enemies. He managed his criminal activities from a headquarters on Finnea Prime.

In 2373, a net-girl in his employment named Arissa escaped from his care and intended to defect from the Syndicate. Her contact with the Idanian government, Tauvid Rem, was killed by the assassins Traidy and Sorm on the orders of Draim. They were then instructed to terminate Arissa, before they were arrested through the intervention of Odo.

The information provided by Arissa was intended to punish Draim for his crimes, although the fate of these efforts was not discussed. (DS9 episode: "A Simple Investigation")

While Draim was considered a powerful member of the Orion Syndicate, it is unknown if he was an Orion or another species.


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