Drea was a Kelvan, and a member of an advanced expedition that was sent from the Kelvan Empire in the Andromeda Galaxy, to conquer new territory for the Empire in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Upon reaching the Milky Way the Kelvans' scout was destroyed while attempting to traverse the galactic barrier. Fortunately, Drea and three others, including Commander Rojan, were able to survive and make it to a nearby planet. In order to fit in with their new surroundings, Drea and the others assumed humanoid forms and sent out a fake distress signal in the hopes of attracting a passing starship which they could then use for their plans.

After a short time their distress signal was responded to by Captain James T. Kirk and the USS Enterprise. Once the Enterprise arrived in orbit, Drea participated in the boarding operation, and later served as flight officer during the ship's voyage back to the Andromeda Galaxy. Control was later restored to the Enterprise crew, after they successfully managed to draw out emotions in Drea and the others. (TOS episode: "By Any Other Name")

Following this, Drea and the others settled on an uninhabited planet and established a small colony there. By the late 26th century, Drea still lived on the planet, and on the order of Rojan, was responsible for launching a "galaxy bomb", which would cross the distance between the two galaxies and destroy the Andromeda Galaxy. (TOS - Strange New Worlds 9 short story: "Gone Native")

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