The Drissana II natives were a primitive humanoid species native to Drissana II. They were roughly equivalent to the Neanderthals of Earth. At least one individual was dark-skinned, thin, and wore a band of long fronds that reached from the waist to just above the knees.

Their society reached the formation of tribes. One of their hunting grounds was an area of Drissana II with tall grass and rolling hills. More than one tribe's diet consisted of the meat of a local animal; a gray, bulky beast that was built low to the ground, had a single horn, a thick pebbled hide, three pairs of legs, and apparently an underbelly and bottoms of feet that were soft.

The natives had a great abundance of a handmade object that at first glance was a mystery due to its unknown use. As long as a Humans forearm, most of its extent tapered to a point at one end. At the other end it narrowed at a shallower angle to a second tip. It looked like one short and one tall triangle, both coarsely fashioned out of rock, and fixed together at their bases. Sharpened not only at its pointed ends but along its edges, it could cut the hands of whoever was holding it, and it did not have the balance necessary to make it effective as something hurled. It also couldn't cut the thick hides of the native beasts if thrown. A theory was that the object was to stick in the ground, a beast would step on it and then hobble until it falls on its vulnerable belly.

As this theory is never shown to be tested, it is still just a theory as to what the object is used for. However, it seems to be a feasible theory.

Mai Duyen Trinh, Jacqueline Trieste, Jeurys Mejia, and Veldaclein ch'Gorin were doing a holographic study in the rec room on the Enterprise to determine what the natives did with the objects. (TOS novel: Allegiance in Exile)

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