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The Drokna is a Cardassian currency, often used when trading in foreign markets.

In late 2376, the drokna was continuing to decline just as it had been doing for some time. (DS9 novel: Cardassia: The Lotus Flower)

The Cardassian Drokna is used as a legal tender for use outside the Cardassian union and is usually in the form of gold sealed latinum chits that are worth about three slips to a 4th of a bar depending on the content and purity of the latiunum inside the coin. Cardassian coinage is different than most others because a molecular lattice of gold holds the liquid latinum in sealed nanoscopic bubbles rather than the far larger containers made by bricks that can breach and cause the latinum to spill out. Even though they are of superior construction Ferengi only take them at 85% of market value for the same weight as latinum either due to greed or nationalistic jealousy about a race that is better at them at storing the liquid metal even though Cardassian latinum is always of higher purity than Ferengi standards.



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