Drraagh was a 24th century Sree-Tseetsk female and the regent of Koorn. Unlike many of her fellow Tseetsk, she was more accepting of humans and was one of the few sympathizers that tried to change the enslaved humans status in the Tseetsk society. Her name was the ancient warning cry of her phratry.


In the 2360s, the human slaves on Koorn led by Iarni Koban revolted against Drraagh and the overseers upon establishing contact with the USS Enterprise-D. Upon being captured with her comrade Josip Vossted, she instinctively activated the stink. The rebels, though momentarily repelled by the pheromone, wanted to kill the alien and the overseer. However Captain Jean-Luc Picard managed to convince Koban to spare their lives and they be transferred under the protection of the Enterprise.

For her safety she was put under guard by the security team and also fitted with a universal translator. During her conversation with her guards, she learned that Vossted had been attacked by a fellow overseer and was facing medical treatment. Though offered to be taken aboard the Enterprise and despite the possibility that the surviving overseers may use her as a rallying point against the rebels, she preferred to remain on the surface of Koorn as it was her duty as planetary regent.

When the rebels launched an attack on Enterprise's base on the surface of Koorn, using a synthesized stink pheromone, Drraagh was instrumental in reviving the security force. Drraagh later joined the away team back to the Enterprise and sat by Vossted's side. After he recovered, she and Vossted began reviewing the Federation's database on galactic history.

When Hweeksk arrived from Tseetsk-Home with two vessels threatening to destroy the Enterprise, Drraagh presence prevented their destruction, as the Tseetsk could not risk damaging the ship with her on-board.

After Picard revealed Kraax-koorn-aka leader of the surviving clan Kraaxaa-Tseetsk, Hweeksk attempt to deny the fact he was a Tseetsk. Drraagh knowing the implications of his kind’s survival and its impact on Sree-Tseetsk society managed to convince her peer it was the truth and that wrongs needed to be righted. (TNG novel: Chains of Command)

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