Dulcet was a Cardassian male. He was a gul in the Cardassian Guard, holding the position as officer in charge of the Goka prison camp.


Dulcet was the son of a powerful Legate. During his childhood, he coveted a place in the Cardassian Central Command. During the Occupation of Bajor, he was stationed at a internment camp on the planet. During his time there, Dulcet was helping Bajorans escape for proper remuneration. He took latinum, jewelry, property and anything of value from the Bajorans he helped. From the Bajoran women, Dulcet demanded other "things" from them. Dulcet was then apprehended by the Obsidian Order's agent, Elim Garak and was disgraced. However his father was powerful enough to spare him from execution and saw that Dulcet was reassigned to the Goka prison camp.

Due to his disgrace, Dulcet was denied a successful career in the military and the Central Command. In 2371, Dulcet, at the behest of Gul Skrain Dukat, then conceived a plan to execute Garak for what he did to Dulcet and Dukat. (DS9 - The Maquis: Soldier of Peace comic: "Victims of Deceit")


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