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The Duran XII outpost was a Starfleet scientific outpost located on Duran XII.

History and specifics[]

In 2276, unusual subspace signals emanating in the Duran system were picked up by Starfleet, instances of subspace communications instantly echoed across vast distances, which prompted the founding of a six-person research outpost on the surface near the apparent source of the phenomena. Starfleet kept its presence there a secret.

Staff included Sharolyn Carver, a Vulcan and Andorian, and three other humanoids.

Studies led to the discovery of a unique lifeform the staff named the "Crier", a seemingly non-sentient entity responsible for the subspace signals. Outpost staff requested assistance, and within a few weeks, the starship USS Enterprise arrived to transport the Crier to spacelab Draco 3 for further study.

Unknown to them, however, the Crier echoed the signal, and it was intercepted by the Orion Black Star Squadron in the distant Norad system. Orions were able to translate the coded signal, realized its significance, and headed immediately to the outpost, arriving shortly after the Enterprise. Two Orion fighters landed near the outpost and assaulted its personnel, who were forced at gunpoint to show them the Crier. Orions injured it while attempting to remove it from its habitat, and it responded by vaporizing the Orions and fleeing into space. (TOS - Untold Voyages comic: "Silent Cries")

Notable personnel[]

  • Sharolyn Carver